In the melting department we have 2 mid-frequency induction furnaces (producer ABB) with a capacity of 2 tons each and 2 mid-frequency induction furnaces (producer ABB) with a capacity of 250 kilos each.


Our molding process is manual and based on alphaset-resin, on a production line equipped with vibro-tables and a transportation system, with two continuous mixers for the preparation of the molding-mixture (producer WEBAC, capacity 15t/h and 8t/h). We have a sand regeneration line (producer FAT) with a capacity of 15t/h, which returns sand in our molding process. The production hall, which contains the molding and melting departments, is equipped with a state-of-the-art dust extraction system, as well as with two bridge cranes and two console cranes.


We have numerous equipment for finishing of castings, such as a sand blasting system with a rotating table and a capacity of 6t/h, a manual sand blasting device with a capacity of 4t/h, hanging grinders, console grinders, hand grinders, various welding machines, arc cutting devices, burners for cutting the remainders of the infusion systems. The production hall, which contains the finishing department, is equipped with a state-of-the-art dust extraction system.


With our machining equipment, which consists of several lathes, milling machines, a boring mill, grinders for fine grinding, an electrical discharge machine etc., we are able to machine complex parts. However, we are using our machining equipment mainly for maintenance purposes, the production of test tubes and smaller machining within the production process. Larger machining jobs are being done in cooperation with reputable companies specialized in machining.


We have a well-equipped workshop for model production and a very competent staff, which produce part of the models that we need. Their main purpose, however, is to control and maintain the models. The largest part of models is being outsourced to contractors, who produce them under our supervision and according to our technologies.


Furnace for thermal processing (up to do 1100oC) – CER ČAČAK KPK 17/25 with a capacity of 8 tons per charge.


We have a modern laboratory for the examination of chemical and mechanical properties of metals, as well as a laboratory for non-destructive examination (NDE – ultrasound, magnetic flux, penetrants and visual examination). Both laboratories are state-certified by the Accreditation Institution of Serbia – ATS under the number 01-465 and according to the standard SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2006. We are the only foundry in Serbia with a state-certified laboratory for the examination of metals, so that we act as service provider for other companies in addition to the examinations for our own needs. In addition to the certified examinations, we examine sand and molding mixtures for the purposes of our production process (granulometric analysis, permeability, wear, shear, humidity and mold hardness).